World Class Vibration Exercise by VibraSlim

Whole Body Vibration Exercise is backed by decades of solid science. Our revolutionary Vibration Exercise technology is being used by professional sports teams, universities, healthcare practitioners, fitness centers and elite athletes worldwide. Vibration fitness machine training has also emerged as the latest secret weapon among celebrities and their trainers and even Time Magazine quoted "vibration exercise ..... the new way to shake off the pounds"

Money Back Guarantee on vibration machines Why Ues Vibration Exercise machine?

VibraSlim is the number one name in whole-body vibration machines

Fitness adn weightloss for all agesVibraSlim is the most recognized name in whole body fitness for quality equipment, cutting edge education, training and customer support. Our philosophy of providing the best vibrating machines at affordable prices is what has made us such a success.

VibraSlim's Exercise program only takes 10 minutes a day and everyone has this much time to get in shape and feel healthy. With today's busy lifestyle it is very easy to forget how important your health and fitness is especially as we get older. Whole Body Vibration is the perfect solution for everyone from teens to the golden years. Vibration exercise is used worldwide by some of the worlds most respected professional athletes, doctors, trainers and Hollywood stars. The reason they use it .... is because it works.

30 years of research has been conducted on vibrating exercise machine training. See our Media page for some of the information that have been published on whole body vibe plates and the media coverage it has received. Millions of dollars are spent a year on gym memberships that rarely get used, and unlike gyms, VibraSlim's exercise program is the workout you will not only do.... but love. Get started today!

Use the VibraSlim® Machine for only 10 minutes a day and GET RESULTS!
Vibration Exercise is the fastest and easiest way to get yourself in shape. Would you rather spend an hour at the gym everyday on the treadmill or use your VibraSlim in your home for 10 minutes? The answer is easy, it's VibraSlim. The convenience of getting your workouts done at home AND really enjoying it, is the secret of whole-body vibration. It is the no hassle workout you will look forward to everyday!

VibraSlim Fitness Machine Features
  • Quality Solid Steel construction (not plastic like others) provides solid and quiet operation!
  • Compact - having a small footprint of only 22 x 32 inches.
  • Easiest operation - 17 speed settings and 3 auto vibration exercise settings.
  • Proper vibration action - (see-saw) oscillating motion - designed for best results.
  • Powerful - Handles users up to 275 lbs! Quality vibe plate power!
  • Full vibration frequency range 1 - 30 Hz - which are the optimal frequencies for fitness& weight-loss!
  • Very Affordable - comparable quality machines sell for more than $3000 and $14,000!
  • Lifetime Motor Warranty and 2 year Warranty on parts - reliable fitness exercise machines!!
  • A Name you can Trust - be careful of cheap imitations, get the real VibraSlim Fitness Machine.

Best Whole Body Vibration Plate Quality!!
The VibraSlim machine combines quality with affordability. You can have the #1 selling vibration exercise machine for less than other cheaper quality machines. You also get our famous lifetime motor warranty that no one  else can match. whole Body VibrationYou can spend more but you still can't beat VibraSlim's quality and value.  Don't be fooled by cheap Chinese made copycats that have not been properly made, designed or engineered. Whole-body vibration is a precise science and unless it is executed with quality equipment than you are wasting your money and risking your safety. It is common that these other cheaply made machines breakdown within months and even weeks due to cheap electronics and materials. We are the Number One Vibration Machine in North America for the past 6 years!
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"Vibration Fitness Machines .... A ton of celebrities and models - like Madonna, Sean 'Diddy' Combs, Heidi Klum & others - have been linked to it." the LOS ANGELES TIMES

Compare VibraSlim Prices with our Competition!!
  • Power Plate- $4000 to $8500.
  • Proellixe Vibration- $12,000
  • TurboSonic - $7,500 and up.
  • VibroGym Plate- $8500 and up.
  • Pila-Vibe- $12,000 and up.
  • M-Power Plate - $9,000 and up
  • Galileo Vibration- $8000 and up.
  • Vibraflex Vibration- $6500 and up.
  • K2 Platform - $3500 and up.

Compare Vibration Exercise Prices with our Competition!!
Why is the VibraSlim® so Affordable?
  1. We are the manufacturer.
  2. No expensive showrooms or advertising.
  3. We do not do retail sales, only web direct to the customer.
Buying direct from us the manufacturer not only saves you money but you are guaranteed that VibraSlim will back your warranty. We have the best warranty in the business and knowledgeable staff and technicians to assist you and answer your questions. No one else has a better customer service rating or as many years in the business. Why buy second rate exercise equipment when you can buy the original VibraSlim for less. VibraSlim is the most trusted name for a reason, we earned it. We have the best equipment and the most experience, so you know that you are getting your moneys worth and secure in knowing if you ever have a problem with your equipment VibraSlim will be right there.

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