Fitness Vibration Plate

Fitness Vibration Plate – How it really fits into peoples lives

The more we learn about health and fitness the more experts agree that fitness vibration plates are really the future of where fitness is going. The new technology of vibrating exercise – Fitness Vibration Plate has had over 800 medical research report published on the machines showing benefits from weight-loss, impressive strength increase, positive hormonal changes, bone building, pain reduction and joint problems improved. With time a valuable commodity today the Fitness Vibration Plate 10 minute workout really appeals to the majority of people in the USA and Canada. With so little time between work and the family gym workouts are looked at as a dreaded experience. Free time is valued and there are a lot of other things people would rather be doing. The idea of spending an hour or two a day working out is not very appealing to anyone really. Other fitness equipment such as stationary bicycles and treadmills are famous for becoming dusty clothes racks that are never used and therefore a real waste of money and space.

Fitness Vibration Plate has really been receiving a lot of media coverage over the past few years mostly due to the high profile people using the vibration exercise machine. Everyone from NFL players to Olympic athletes to A list Hollywood actors are talking up their success with Fitness Vibration Plates. Hollywood types are using it for muscles toning and weight-loss, while pro athletes are pushing their fitness levels to new heights. Even the housewives reality shows are showing the housewives using vibration machines to get in shape and loving it. But really the main user of Fitness Vibration Plate is the normal person with a busy life or specific ailments that they wish to remedy.

Everyday it is becoming more commonplace to walk into your doctor, chiropractor or therapists office and see a vibration exercise machine there. Professionals, who just a few years ago were very skeptical, now fully embrace the science and use it daily to improve their ability to heal patients.

Wholebody Vibration – Exercise

Wholebody Vibration or otherwise known as Whole Body Training, WBV or Vibration Exercise is a great way to exercise, build bone growth and bone density.   Not only do you you see the results in a very short time, but also many people who experience Wholebody Vibration have a overall greater feeling of wellness.  From decreased stress, to an ease of mobility and flexibility from teenagers to the baby boomers everyone is raving about Wholebody Vibration.  It is taking the exercise world by storm and shaking it up.   No longer does one have to go to the gym and spend hours and hours of sweating in an over crowded gym with people staring and making those rude and snide comments that we all experience when you go to those trendy gyms.  Now in the privacy of your own home for only dollars a day you too can enjoy all the amazing benefits of Wholebody Vibration everyday.

Wholebody Vibration when combined with a healthy lifestyle is the way to a better you.  Wholebody Vibration sometimes known a WBV is a great way to start feeling better, whether you are looking to loose some extra pounds, build bone growth, or help relax your muscles Wholebody Vibration can help you.

Wholebody Vibration is recognized as a natural remedy for such things as fibromyalgia osteoporosis and bone loss . With this controlled motion known as triangular oscillation  the motion is transferred up from your feet to your legs and throughout your body.  Unlike other types of machines, the vibration of triangular oscillation  is isolated to your upper and lower body and NOT up and into your head.  With using VibraSlim’s specific type of vibration you will not have the fear of headaches that sometime occur with other fitness companies.

Vibrating machines for exercise are a fast way to get in shape

Would you like to get in shape quickly? Can you spare ten minutes per day? Then vibration fitness is for you. With over 30 years of research supporting its benefits, using a whole body vibrating plate is a tried and true way to revolutionize your fitness routine. Vibraslim is the most trusted name in whole body vibration exercise equipment. By investing in this innovative technology you can live a healthier, happier lifestyle.
Many individuals aren’t able to carve hours out of their busy schedules for gym sessions. Yet, putting your health on the back burner can have serious consequences. Vibraslim’s Vibrtion Exercise Program only requires a commitment of ten minutes a day, three to seven days per week, to see amazing results. The best part? Vibration exercise is safe and effective for people of all ages. In fact, a recent study found that using vibrating machines for exercise increases flexibility and enhances muscle performance in young athletes, provides gains or maintenance in bone density in postmenopausal women, and shows significant gains in muscle performance in elderly and sedentary adults, comparable to those seen in traditional resistance training. The  trainer sends mild vibrating impulses throughout your body through the feet. These vibrations activate muscle fibers more effectively than traditional forms of exercise that involve the conscious contraction of muscles. A vibration plate improves strength, balance, and circulation. It can also improve speed and vertical jump height, which is particularly helpful to athletes. Because there is little strain on the joints and ligaments, a vibration trainer is perfect for rehabbing from an injury or for those who cannot engage in high impact exercise. Even internal organs and glands are positively affected by the vibrations, leading to healthy physiological changes in the brain and body. The machine detoxify the body as well to release lactic acid and stoke your metabolism.Using vibrating machines for exercise results in a total body workout. By adjusting your posture or position, the vibration plate will work different muscle groups. You will be toned, trim, and fit without the hassle inherent in going to the gym. Vibraslim is a favorite among the vibrating machines for exercise, because it’s compact and quiet allowing you to exercise whenever you have the spare time. Fitness plates have become a staple among fit celebrities such as Madonna and Gwen Stefani, athletes including Lance Armstrong, professional sports teams, universities, medical centers, and physical therapy establishments. People worldwide are gleaning the benefits of using vibrating machines for exercise.While price has been a significant drawback for some individuals, Vibraslim offers an effective and affordable option. Much lower priced than any other plate produced by competitors, Vibraslim is on a mission to make the equipment accessible to all. There’s no need to worry about safety because unlike other plates on the market, Vibraslim uses triangular oscillating motion. This is much safer and easier on the joints than the piston vibration seen on a standard trainer.

When deciding on which vibration trainer to purchase, it’s important to look for features such as a solid steel construction, easy operation, heavy-duty design that can bear significant weight, powerful, a full range of manual settings and a full vibration frequency range. While cheap imitations and competitors such as Power Plate and Vibro Plate may not offer these necessary specs, Vibraslim does! Get on the path to wellness today with Vibraslim equipment. A vibrating plate can truly transform your body and your life.

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