Vibration Exercise technology has been studied since the 1970’s by the medical and scientific communities. This research originally started with the Soviet Space Program, in their effort to keep astronauts in space for longer periods of time. The problem was that after 3 months in space, so much bone and muscle loss occurs due to absence of gravity that it can cause irreversible damage. Russian scientists began to experiment with Vibration Exercise technology to combat this serious problem. They found that vibration at the correct frequency not only was able to simulate gravity but stimulated bone and muscle growth.

The Russian space program set a world record of longest time spent in space of 420 days. This baffled the USA space program as their longest duration was 120 days due to bone and muscle loss. Once the Iron curtain fell, the Russians secret was revealed and it is now used worldwide for health and fitness. Vibration fitness now has widespread acceptance in the fields of medicine, sports training, rehabilitation, chiropractics, physio therapy, and general overall health fields.

The History of Vibration Fitness and VibraSlim
As the leader in vibration exercise machines, VibraSlim has been innovating and setting the pace of vibrating fitness education and research since 2004. We believe that  education on the benefits of the VibraSlim fitness program is so important because of the powerful health benefits the program can provide to those of all ages. VibraSlim equipment is the standard that all other equipment is compared to and copied from. What the others can not copy is our commitment, experience and quality that goes into every vibration exercise machine that VibraSlim produces. And it is this commitment paired with our mandate to make our vibration fitness equipment affordable that has ahead of the pack and #1 in the industry.

Still VibraSlim does not sit back on its laurels and is constantly innovating and making advances in our design and performance. Our many years of experience have lead us to produce the highest quality vibration exercise machine videos for education available today. VibraSlim continues to make large investments into research and development and continues to challenge our people to move forward and innovate, with the goal of getting people like you in shape and healthy.

The VibraSlim – Full Featured, Affordable, Quality and the Best Warranty in the Vibration Exercise Machine Market


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