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VibraSlim – Vibration Exercise has been used, studied and researched for the past twenty years.

The VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Machine is today’s most exciting and unique fitness and weight-loss machines on the market today. Vibration Fitness Machines are used worldwide by the top fitness trainers, pro sports teams, University programs, elite sports facilities and health clubs.  Muscle & Fitness Magazine has recently stated that vibration Fitness is “One of the fastest growing fitness trends since spinning”. It is safe, easy and effective for everyone to use to get in shape fast.

In as little as 10 minutes a day, three times a week, the VibraSlim, Vibration fitness machine, will let you to achieve a new level of fitness.

Triangular Oscillating Vibration Motion

These images show how the VibraSlim vibrations are created. The motion has been exaggerated and slowed down for demonstrational purposes. VibraSlim’s 3D triangular oscillating motion is endorsed by Doctors to be the safest and most effective vibration technology.


VibraSlim’s multi-dimensional vibration motion has been shown by independent research to be the most effective and the safest to use.


The VibraSlim Vibration Exercise Machine has been engineered and calibrated to exact specifications to ensure that the machine produces the correct vibrations and creates the perfect muscle reaction so you get the most out of every workout. The VibraSlim, with the help of gravity, forces your muscles to expand and contract very rapidly just like muscles work doing regular exercise. Your muscles may be moving only a fraction of the amount as in traditional exercise, but they react in a much bigger way. By working the muscles very rapidly, the muscles are able to get an hour long workout in just 10 minutes. Basically, your muscles get worked whether they are doing a full stretch or a micro stretch it really is the same, but with a micro stretch you can do up to 30 stretches a second. That’s how you are able to get it done so much faster. It is not only faster, but deeper as the vibration works all of your muscles, not just particular muscle groups. Although this is the core of how vibration exercise works, it is just the beginning of the positive health benefits. For those over 40, bone loss and osteoporosis, hormone reduction and decreased flexibility are facts of life. VibraSlim is your personal trainer and health coach, helping you fight the aging process and staying younger and healthier!



The VibraSlim workout is so quick and fun, everyday you will look forward to workout! Just 10 minutes a day 3 to 5 times a week and you are on your way. Vibrating fitness user get noticeable positive results from just ten minutes a day in only a few weeks. You can target specific groups of muscles simply by moving your body positioning while on the machine.

No more excuses or expense of the gym, the VibraSlim is very compact and you use it at your leisure in your own home whenever you have a spare minute. Also, because the VibraSlim is so quiet, you can use it while you watch TV! The VibraSlim Whole Body Vibration Machine was designed to provide all the benefits of exercise without any of the constraints or hassles.

VibraSlim’s revolutionary new technology has been used some of today’s biggest celebrities and pro athletes for years. From musicians like Madonna and Gwen Stefani, to champion cyclists Lance Armstrong, vibration exercise is the choice among the fittest today. Whole Body Vibration is utilized by pro Sports teams, medical centers and Universities for regular training programs.

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*No guarantee of specific results and results can vary.


*No guarantee of specific results and results can vary.


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