Vibration Exercise Machine

Vibration Exercise Machine – A smarter way to your fitness goals

For years the USA has been increasing the obesity rates at an alarming rate. Our diets have gotten worse and our exercise time has been diminished. Work schedules, TV and family time get in the way of time we need to be exercising. The Vibration Exercise Machine is the answer to this modern problem. The body needs to be active or it starts to shut down. Metabolism slows, fat is stored, organs and hormones no longer function properly. Health rapidly declines and the downward trend starts. This is happening at alarming rates across America and obesity rates are at record levels never before seen anywhere.

Many people today use the Vibration Exercise Machine to get back in shape and reverse the negative effects of being over weight. Everyone from ages 15 to 95 can really jump start the body and get back in shape, feeling good. The vibrations that the platform produces cause up to 1500 muscle contractions a minute. These contractions cause the same stretching and tearing of the muscle that regular exercise causes but in very rapid and small amount of movement. The result is same, stronger muscles, but with dozens of side benefits with the Vibration Exercise Machine. Muscles that would never get exercised doing other activates are worked and made stronger.

You body reacts to the Vibration Exercise Machine in many other ways. Metabolism and hormonal changes give you more energy, and motivation to be more active. Joint and back problems are relieved by muscles becoming stronger and more flexible and joint pain is commonly decreased drastically. There is a good reason why most of the professional sports team in the USA are using Vibration Exercise Machine as part of their regular training and rehab programs. Workout while you watch TV for 10 minutes, and really enjoy your time on it. This is the workout you will actually look forward to!

Whole Body Vibration Training

To get an idea of how the newest fitness technology works go to and see the impressive lineup of tri-angular  oscillating whole body exercise units.   From detailed articles,  informative detailed descriptions of the units available, including fantastic videos that help with learning of the many different exercises that you can achieve. With simply minutes a day you will start seeing and feeling the benefits of whole body vibration training. No matter what age you are or what physical level you are currently at you are sure to love what our machines have to offer you.  From professional sports athletes  to the elderly and everyone else in between people from around the globe are benefiting from the positive results from whole body vibration.  Thus the exponential growth of the whole-body exercise sector .  We here at  VibraSlim pride ourselves on being the industry leader in Whole Body Vibration.

Whole body vibration training is backed by years of science and is currently being used by
doctors, chiropractors, homeopathic doctors, sports trainers, gyms and many other people looking to better themselves and lead a healthier lifestyle.   From people looking to ease their muscles and joints to people that are looking to build bone mass and strength or shed unwanted pounds.  There are health benefits for all to be had from wholebody vibration training.   VibraSlim is proud to be the leader, and provide excellent quality units to all of our customers.   From couples looking to add to their daily physical regime to gym owners, doctors and physicians we offer all of our customers the same level of service that VibraSlim has become famous for.  Courteous, polite , professional,  expedient customer service, coupled with a full 2 year warranty on all of our products, backed by a lifetime guarantee on ALL of VibraSlim’s motors !! * Unheard  of in the whole-body vibration industry.  For years of enjoyment and health benefits.

Being one of the fastest growing sections in the fitness sector today not only because of the fast results that people are finding, but also for the for the additional health benefits that people are receiving such as bone growth and bone density.  Two years ago had you asked your physician, chiropractor, any holistic doctor  or naturopath  there’s a strong chance that only a handful knew what Whole body vibration exercise was.  Nowadays, everyone seems to know about Whole body vibration exercise  and the fantastic results that people are achieving with only minutes a day. So join the hundreds of thousands of people reaping the benefits from Whole body vibration exercise and start feeling the results today.

VibraSlim’s vibration fitness plate is the best quality machine at a great price

Vibration exercise has turned into one of the most exceptional and effective methods that anyone can use to excel in physical fitness. Innovations in fitness equipment are continually being submitted to the market. Vibration equipment is made to promote this special type of exercise that make vibrations which incite muscle contractions and strengthen certain areas of the body. This type of exercising also works to shed fats, decrease cellulite, improve bone density of bones, increase blood circulation, assist in better oxygen distribution throughout the body, and slow the aging process.Vibration equipment is made in various types and designs. There are larger pieces of equipment like plates and platforms that create thorough body vibrations. It is necessary that users should compare vibration fitness plate models to find the one that is suitable for their health situation. Smaller equipment like the butterfly abs will only work smaller areas of the body. VibraSlim is the best wholebody vibration machine that is made with quality materials which provide the best benefits for users. The steel ensures that the equipment is strong and steady as the plate works. Also, when the plate is turned on, there is little noise so no one can be disturbed. VibraSlim is a compact machine at 24 by 28 inches that does not take up too much space. It is designed to be easily operated with simple controls and settings. There are also different frequency levels that users can adjust from 10 to 50 HZ. Last, VibraSlim has exceptional oscillating movements that other fitness equipment do not have, which creates more vibration effects for improved fitness results.The VibraSlim is a highly advanced piece of equipment nowadays that is proven to be safe and effective. A vibration exercise is carried out in an oscillating motion that penetrates the entire body. The user stands up and the VirbaSlim starts at the feet, using a high frequency that works the muscles there. Then the VibraSlim creates a force that reinvigorates the muscles, improves bone density, and enhances the body’s entire functionality. It is still important to compare vibration fitness plate models to find the custom design that works.The VibraSlim is the best wholebody vibration machine that performs these vibrations for various reasons. People who are involved in sports training use the machine to improve strength and flexibility. It is another type of fitness training machine that is useful for almost all sports that require constant movement of the muscles. Patients also use VibraSlim for physical therapy purposes. They may have received physical injuries and need rehabilitation in various areas like their hips, ankles, and feet. VibraSlim is also a type of medicine that treats osteoporosis and other painful nerve or muscle illnesses. The vibrations are performed to strengthen bones and muscles so sufferers will have a greater chance to endure their illnesses. This equipment is also used for seniors who need to improve their fitness routines. They should compare vibration fitness plate models because some may need a model that is smaller and less powerful. Finally, VibraSlim is used to help people who need to lose weight and shape the body. The VibraSlim is the best wholebody vibration machine that is exceptionally safe and compact.

Due to the various uses and benefits of the VibraSlim, the machine has uses in various health and fitness facilities. Businesses and universities make use of the unique, compact features for fitness programs. The equipment can also be found in clinics, fitness clubs, and hospitals. The VibraSlim is not just a trend in the world of fitness but it has been supported by various medical and research studies, so any person who is involved in this type of fitness program can be assured of its efficiency.

Vibration exercise is becoming more popular with modern fitness. Buying a VibraSlim is one of the best and most affordable investments for anyone who is interested in this kind of exercise. It is truly the best wholebody vibration machine that works every worn muscle in any area of the body. However, the equipment cannot be used without the vibration plate. Without the right plate, it may not be possible to perform vibration exercise correctly and receive stimulating and healing effects on the muscles. People interested in fitness should learn to compare vibration fitness plate machines so they can benefit from all of the great qualities of the VibraSlim.

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