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The Europlate is our top selling vibrating machine and is perfect for clinical and home use. The Europlate features 17 vibration settings, solid steel construction, arm exercise bands and a lifetime motor warranty. You can not get a better quality machine for anywhere close to this price.
The Europlate is the perfect machine to get you and your whole family in shape and lean and trim. VibraSlim is the most trusted name in whole-body vibration due to our years of experience focused solely on engineering and researching vibration fitness. We do not make any other type of fitness equipment and this dedicated focus has built VibraSlim to where it is today.
Simply we have the best vibration machine at the best price. No one else can match our lifetime motor warranty or our reliability statistics. VibraSlim machines are built to run worry free without repairs for years and we stand behind that.
Why Is VibraSlim the #1 Vibration Fitness Machine on the Market

When it comes to quality, you can’t purchase vibration fitness equipment with more value than a VibraSlim. You can find imitations that cost less, but they don’t have the same solid steel construction that confirms you are getting high-caliber electronic components. In fact, we are so confident you can’t purchase a better product elsewhere, we have excellent guarantees. While we respect others who also sell vibration exercise machines, there are several aspects to consider before you commit to a brand.

Repair Services from Other Companies

Not all whole-body vibration equipment is the same, so it’s essential to check out a company’s repair history, customer reviews, guarantee and warranty. Many brands are coming from China, but they are advertized as being a well-designed vibration machine. Unfortunately, many of the customers who have purchased these lower quality brands have told us their repair services are less than satisfactory. Most companies require you to ship the inferior product back to them at your expense. Even more disturbing are the number of distressed customers who tell us the company they purchased their exercise machine from won’t do anything for them at all.

VibraSlim Guarantee and Warranty

Unlike other companies, we completely stand behind our product. Our vibration fitness equipment is built to last for many years. Although repairs are rare, we will not ask you to front the cost for sending us your problematic machine. We will either fix your equipment within as little as 30 minutes or send you a new machine. A VibraSlim whole-body vibration machine is constructed with a rock-solid design that comes with a satisfaction rate of over 98 percent. You can solidly depend on it to stand up to your fitness routines for many years to come.

That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. We also offer a two-year warranty on everything we sell, and a lifetime guarantee on the motor. VibraSlim is the number one vibration exercise machine because we offer only well-designed high-quality equipment, but we also back up what we say.

Construction, Performance and Cost

Price does not always reflect that the vibration fitness equipment you’re considering is a sturdy machine. Some whole-body vibration machines cost more than a VibraSlim does, yet they cannot compare in construction, performance or quality. Many of these other machines are noisy and not designed to handle a large amount of weight. They feel shaky and shift back and forth. Don’t be deceived by price. While others may cost more, you won’t find a vibration exercise machine that is easier to operate, nor as quiet and impressive as a VibraSlim.

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