Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration – A new way to look at your health and fitness

For anyone that has ever tried to lose weight or just get in shape, they know how hard it really is. Finding the time and sticking to the routine is next to impossible. Whole body vibration is the answer to this problem. This workout is the fastest most effective way to get fit and stay fit bar none.

Research has shown that even over 5 weeks of regular exercise your body will change very little and lose even less weight. This is because your body is genetically programmed to stay around the weight that you are. Of course it will gladly gain more weight, because it is always afraid of starvation. Something only a few hundred years ago was commonplace and still is today in some parts of the world. Whole body vibrating helps your body reset the meter that keeps your weight on and allows it to release the stored fat cells. Running or weightlifting will not do this, which is why we have the Yo Yo effect. We diet and workout, lose some weight then it comes charging back with a few extra pounds tacked on.

In depth weight loss studies have proven whole body vibration is four times as effective as traditional exercise at weight loss and further, it keeps the weight off, even after six months of stopping the exercise. This study shocked even the harshest of critics and is starting to revolutionize the fitness and weight loss industry. Vibrating exercise can do more in ten minutes than your hour long cardio workout can, and does it better. The more you learn about whole body vibration the more you will see how it works and why it is growing so fast worldwide.

Most of us look at our idols in sports, or actors and really want to know how they look or can perform so well. You do not need to look very far to see how many of our idols are using whole body vibration. Why should we care that an actor is using vibrating exercise? They have access that you and I can only dream of to technology, new methods, world class trainers, etc. So, if they are using something to keep them looking or performing well, you know that their career counting on it. You and I want to look and feel good but our financial future is not usually on the line. If an actress gets out of shape it could cost her millions or if a sports star loses his edge, same result. They trust whole body machines because they work.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machines

Whole body vibration exercise since it’s inception by the Soviet’s Space Program has been growing and gaining popularity with the mainstream and general public as not only a way to get into shape and lose pounds, but also to help with bone growth and help with such things as fibromialgia, osteoporosis / osteopenia and numerous other fantastic benefits are to be enjoyed with Whole Body Vibration Exercise.

Join the hundreds of thousands of people from around the world who are experiencing all of the great  benefits of  whole body fitness exercise with the Vibraslim EuroPlate and ProEnergy.  No longer is whole body vibration exercise for the rich and famous and celebrities.  Starting today, for as low as $300 a month you can can own your very own personal  whole body vibration exercise unit for use in your very own home.

VibraSlim has become one of the most recognized names in Whole Body exercise.  VibraSlim has quickly grown to one of the largest companies dealing specifically with Whole body vibration exercise.  In a brief 6 years VibraSlim has risen to one of the top companies specializing specifically in Whole body vibration exercise  equipment.  If there is something that you are wanting to know about Whole Body Vibration exercise VibraSlim is your one stop shop for all your Whole Body vibration needs.  Honest, professional, unbiased , courteous sales people to help with any questions that you may have. 7 days a week. 9am – 5pm Pacific time.

VibraSlim’s Fitness Machine Offers Much More Value than Power Plate

Whole body vibration exercises are effective yet require the user to exert very little energy. The vibration technology behind the VibraSlim forces your muscles to contract at a rapid rate in order to help your body sustain its balance while on the machine. Vibration begins at the feet and travels up throughout the entire body, providing a workout that targets all areas of the body equally. This innovative whole body vibration WBV exercise mimics the effects of both resistance training and cardio, but on a much larger scale.

Why Choose VibraSlim?

VibraSlim is one of the most affordable whole body vibration WBV exercise machine on the market, yet it also remains one of the most respected models by industry professionals and doctors alike. The VibraSlim has been recommended to patients suffering from Fibromyalgia and Multiple Sclerosis. Studies have shown that the VibraSlim helps prevent Osteoporosis, as it improves bone density in regular users.

Power Plate is a company that also specializes in manufacturing the vibration fitness plate. It is a popular whole body vibration WBV exercise system. Nevertheless, the cost can be prohibitive to many potential customers. The Power Plate can cost nearly $12,000, while VibraSlim costs less than $2,000. In fact, you can outfit a gym with six VibraSlim vibration fitness plates for the price of just one high-end Power Plate model. Both machines provide the same whole body vibration WBV workouts. However, the VibraSlim not only provides more value, but it is more user-friendly and is tailored towards novice home users than the often complex and commercially geared Power Plate.

Additional Benefits of the VibraSlim Vibration Fitness Plate

For those that dislike going to the gym, or simply don’t have the time to commit to a one hour workout each day of the week, VibraSlim is the ideal solution. Spending just ten minutes on the VibraSlim fitness plate is equivalent to working out for one hour at the gym. With the VibraSlim, you can get fit in record time without committing to spending hours each week at the gym. Because of this, VibraSlim is ideal for both busy moms and professionals whose time is in-demand. VibraSlim also provides its customers with various fat-burning exercise routines that target specific problem areas and can be accomplished in less than fifteen minutes.

Famous Faces and Places Using the VibraSlim

Fit celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, Madonna, Sophia Bush, Heidi Klum, Karl Lagerfeld, Lebron James and Michael Ventrella from ‘The Biggest Loser’ are all satisfied users of the VibraSlim. Various national sports teams such as the New York Mets, LA Lakers and the Atlanta Braves all use the vibration fitness plate in order to get into shape before each season. Even prestigious universities such as Yale, Ohio State University and NASA have implemented VibraSlim into their fitness facilities.

VibraSlim Fitness Plate technology is a rather new method of getting fit. But, it is here to stay. As more and more celebrities, athletes, fitness trainers and medical professionals continue to realize the miraculous results VibraSlim users can achieve through regular use. Whole body vibration exercises will become as common as and even more highly regarded than treadmills and elliptical machines

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